Bank-Level Hosting
For Developers

Userbin Provides An Easy Way For Companies To Secure Their Applications With Multi-Factor Authentication, User Activity Monitoring, And Real-Time Threat Protection.

Login Infrastructure As A Service

DockHosting Makes It Easy For Developers To Setup,
Use And Maintain A Secure User Authentication System For Their Web And Mobile Apps.

  • Security Enhanced

    Passwords never hit your servers, threats are detected in real-time, and two-factor authentication protects your users.

  • Friendly Interface

    Manage your server with ease allowing you to add and create sitest without the knowledge of php or js coding.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our top class technical and billing support are round the clock for all your concerns and issues with regards to your server.

We Protect Your Users 24/7

With DockHosting you get automatic monitoring out of the box.

  • Alerts For Suspicious Activity
  • Activity Logs Per User
  • Account Takeover Defense
  • Fraudulent Account Registration
  • Centralized Device Revocation
  • Automatic Account Lockout
Multi-Platform Authentication

Userbin Works With Ruby, Node.Js, PHP, IOS, Android And Backend-Less Applications.
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